Pottery is an incredibly hands-on process. 

All our ceramics start off by being a ball of clay which is then wedged, to remove air bubbles, and rolled into a slab by hand. We then meticulously hand-form the clay into shape to create our slab-built pottery pieces. Once we are happy with the final shape, we allow the clay to dry slowly to the 'bone dry' stage so that it can be fired in the kiln. The first firing can take up to 8 hours for the kiln to reach 1000 ºC and another 8 hours to cool down enough for us to open it. The ceramics in their raw fired form, now referred to as bisque, can be sanded, to smooth any sharp edges, and dipped in a glaze of choice. The glazing is the final step, to which we either fire to Earthenware temperatures of 1120 ºC or Stoneware temperatures of 1220 ºC. Our ceramics are now considered complete and food safe.

Slab or hand-building is often a slower process but we have come to love and enjoy the intricacy of it. 



We love ceramics that have a sense of personality and due to our process, our pieces naturally have variations in shape and will not be entirely symmetrical. We like to embrace the imperfections of handmade pieces over mass-produced items, giving each piece a uniqueness and an air of character. 



In order to maintain the authenticity of our products, we produce small batches of a collection at a time to ensure that we stay true to our process and uphold our quality standards.